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Charlie - Guitar, Vocals Dan - Drums Paul - Guitar, Vocals Tim - Bass

Lyrics: Tim



Shambling rubber-suited monster
Destroying cardboard buildings
Bumpy forehead alien
With a phaser gun
Genetically engineered squid
Sinking ocean liners
Bubble-dome UFOs
Invade from Mars
Cows from space engage in their bovine conspiracy
The cursed ancient artifact lies under the sea
Mad scientists meddle with the laws of nature
Lightning strikes to animate horrible creatures
The dead walking the earth
Eating brains for lunch
Shapeshifters infiltrate
The human race
Computer attains consciousness
A mad intelligence
Overtakes the network
Civilization falls
Chorus 2:
How many times can Tokyo be rebuilt this century???
Brain-controlling parasites take control of humanity!
The Grays emerge from a bunker in Nevada
“ET Phone Home” and leave to escape their trauma
Technology to travel space,
Still aims with a joystick
Slingshot around the Sun
To go back in time
Hidden chambers
Behind Mount Rushmore
Secret conspiracy
Shadow government goons
Chorus 3:
Centuries of eugenics to give birth to the “Chosen One”
Fight the invasion and launch the creature into the Sun
Meteor the size of Texas hurtling to the Earth
And ancient civilizations are about to be unearthed
Spoken at some point:
And if a bridge is destroyed, it HAS to be the Golden Gate