Almost There

Song Information

Charlie: Lead guitar
Dan: Drums
Paul: Rhythm guitar, vocals
Tim: Bass


Lyrics (Written by Tim)

Crimson skies
Settle above
At the promise of almost there
In the decadent gloom
Of the failing light
The wind cries almost there
Travelling eternally on!
Perpetually, incessantly
Self-consuming insanity
Delusional obsessive mind
Devoid of thought
Hurtling forward
Faint promise of almost there
And the Sun kicks back up
As the same things are passed again
The forward momentum lies, “almost there.”
Decades lost
in this pointless madness
But I know I’m almost there
Just another bend,
another hill
And I know I will be there.
As the car comes
to a standstill
And I finally exit it
A barren wasteland
is all that remains
A pointless scene of despair