Sound and physical interfaces

I was checking out a link to a [ web site] for an analog synthesizer which also has Theremin Kits. In poking around more, I found that they have a kit for a MIDI drum brain unit which accepts input signals and converts them into midi data. I also checked out this article:

This could be used in a number of interesting ways for the spaceroom. There are examples of how to create Delphi based VSTi models that work with MIDI data to produce sound or manage the MIDI data coming in. (This is a [ great site] with Delphi components and VST documentation).

So, the basic idea would be that physical devices that allows contact, could be used to produce MIDI notes. It would be very easy to map MIDI commands via the VST into any functionality that we may want. I still have to look at the schematics in the article but it looks like a relatively simple way to convert analog signals into a digital format that can be easily sent to a computer. They could also be connected to various MIDI instruments of course. Those midi instruments could play sounds for the operational function of the ship.

Something to play with…