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Chord Intervals - Pictoral exploration.


I am trying to gain a better understanding of scale and chord music theory.  I have always had difficulty mapping the scale intervals in chords.

I decided to try to map them our related to a root note.  Here is the chart:

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New Content Area - Sakè


I have add a new content area for sharing my experiences related to Sakè and Japan.

More content to come soon!  Kampai!

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New Band! Reductionists


A new collaboration with Dan Wright,  as well as Tim Reiter and Paul Ward.  This group puts together an eclectic mix of musical forms.

I am on guitar an backing and occasional front vocals, Paul is also on guitar and our primary vocalist, Tim is our bassist and Dan is the drummer.

We are putting up music on the site frequently so check out the Reductionists page.

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Sea Orbiter Project


This is related to a different but just as exciting type of space, that being underwater. I hope this get enough funding since it looks like a phenomenal platform for scientific study. Also, it looks really cool.

[ Sea Orbiter Home Page]

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Care for Some Pi?


I recently acquired a [ Raspberry Pi] board. It is a very cool device running linux on an ARM chip, with USB, Ethernet, HDMI output and the operating system runs off an SD card. The board costs only $35.

So it took me about 20 minutes to image the SD card and boot the machine up. Start up X Windows and I find a browser and some interesting other applications on the desktop.

One of my main goals of using the board is to take advantage of its IO capabilities. it comes with GPIO pins, and can be connected to other devices including an [ Arduino]. The Arduino is useful because it can handle more types of devices. The downside of the Arduino is that it uses a single control loop to perform its actions. With the RPi hopefully i can use the more sophisticated programming environment.

Most of my work has been using Delphi (object orient pascal). A open-source development tool is [ Lazarus] that uses Free Pascal Compiler. (It is heavily based on Delphi).

There were a couple of odd things in getting installed:
First I ran:
apt-get install fpc

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