Capital Improvements

Below is a list of the various things that could be done to make visiting the cabin a bit more comfortable. All options are open for discussion and approval or rejection.

One key complaint about spending time at the cabin involves the night time use of the out-house and the possibility of animal encounters. A possible solution would be to add a small area to the back of the cabin that would be enclosed and could house a toilet. Since there is door that leads out to a space that is not usable it would be an ideal location for this. A 8'x 8' area would be enough to have small room for the toilet, possibly a shower room as well as a walkway that could lead to the path that goes up the hill.

===Toilet system===
Options include:
*New/refurbished out-house
*Integrated facilities
**RV style portable mini toilet
**Septic system
**Composting toilet
**Propane toilet/waste processing system

===Running water===
There is a pipe system that brings water down the hill from the creek. When all of the breaks and splits are repaired, there is significant water pressure. The pipe is connected to the sink inside the cabin.

The pipe does collect sediment over time so it need to be flushed, however once the silt is flush from the pipe, the water runs very clear. The water is biologically active so it needs boiling or filtering to be potable. (Many people drink it without issue, but there is one anecdotal case of giardia from someone who had been traveling out of country).

Options include:
*Filter system

===Hot water===
Options include:
*Propane on-demand heater

==Power System Improvements==

Current there are two solar panels on the front deck. They feed to a single 12V deep cycle battery. At full strength the panels provide 4-5 amps of power but the strenght varies pretty wildly with cloud cover. Currently there is a birch tree need the corner of the deck that blocks the sun for about 1-2 hours in the morning. There are a number of options that could exercised to increase the solar capacity including more batteries to provide a more stable feed to the cabin. The main issue is that if the batteries get cold it can damage them.

There is enough pressure in the pipe to power a micro generator. However there are issues of the outflow water. Currently outflow only happens when water is used in the sink. This would demand a constant out flow while the generator is running.

There is often a good wind blowing in the valley. There are a number of small wind turbines available.