Sound Jack Setup


This page provides details on how to setup the Sound Jack software.

The best introduction to the software is through the tutorial videos.

The basic outline:

  • Register on the web site
  • Go to the Download tab and download the appropriate version for your machine.
  • Unzip the file to a directory of your choosing.
  • Create a short-cut to the soundjack.exe on your desktop.  (Right click on the soundjack.exe and select create shorcut and then move the short cut to your desktop).
    • Note:  The program does not have a custom icon, so I included one here.  Here is how to use it:
      • Download the icon from this page to the SoundJack folder. (SJC200203)
      • Right click on the short-cut and select properties
      • On the Shortcut Tab select the Change Icon... button at the bottom
      • It will complain about not having any icons available. Select the Choose button
      • A dialog with a bunch of system icons will show up.  Select the Browse button at the top
      • Select the dowloaded XLR.ico file from the SoundJack folder and select Open.
      • The XLR icon should show inthe list box.  Select OK
      • Select OK on the Properties dialog.

To setup for running the local web client:

Running it:

Prerequiiste: SoundJack is running

  • Open the soundjack.html page in your browser 
  • Use the suggested port 50000
  • Click on the green + icon, and add the IP address of the host server.
  • You should have a connection.
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