Chord Intervals - Pictoral exploration.

I am trying to gain a better understanding of scale and chord music theory.  I have always had difficulty mapping the scale intervals in chords.

I decided to try to map them our related to a root note.  Here is the chart:

With this particular chord forms can be mapped.
The root note of the chord would begin with 1.
For example, the Major chord is made up of intervals 1, 3, and 5.  In the next image (a Major (Barre) chord), you can see the 1 and 5 in multiple spots.
Major Chord Depiction
A  seventh chord include 1, 3, 5, and ♭7.
Seventh Chord
Many sites will show a selected chord form on the fretboard, however I think this helps visualize where the chord intervals sit on the fret board and can allow creative construction of chord forms but selecting the appropriate intervals for the chords.
This can also be useful for playing scales based on particular chords.